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A flexible approach to learning employable tech skills using our adaptive and interactive virtual platform.

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Our Minimalist


Our Minimalist

works because we combine online guides, live webinar sessions, group meetups, hackathons, and internship placement seamlessly on our platform.

Our Training

Webinar Sessions

Weekly webinar sessions make it possible for students to learn, interact with mentors, ask questions and get answers in real-time.

Group Meetups

Gives students the opportunity to learn from each other, interact and collaboratively work on projects.

Weekly Projects

Helps students practically apply what they’ve learned at the end of every week, in turn, stimulate their creativity.


We give the students the opportunity to work on real-life projects collaboratively and building their portfolio in the process.

Internship Placement

On completion of our training, we give our students the opportunity to work with companies that need their skills as an intern.

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Our Courses

are designed for anyone that can dedicate at least two(2) hours daily and has a laptop with a good internet connection.

Web Development

We teach our students how to build basic websites from scratch to designing and developing an enterprise web-based application with React.js, Node.js APIs, MongoDB/SQL and, deploying to cloud services like AWS, GCP, and MS Azure.

Product Design (UI/UX)

Students learn the fundamentals of digital design, designing functional digital products, product management, user-driven interfaces and experience, design and development processes using collaborative design tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch.

Mobile App Development

We teach cross-platform mobile application(iOS and Android) development using React Native, Node.js APIs, MongoDB/SQL and, deployment to cloud services like AWS, GCP, and MS Azure.

Digital Marketing

Students learn content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimizations/marketing, email marketing, design marketing graphics, marketing automation, lead management, and sales website design.

AI/Machine Learning

We teach students the fundamentals of Machine learning, apply algorithms to build smart and intelligent systems using Google’s TensorFlow 2.0 to build, train, test and deploy Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and models.


Imo State Government

The Ministry of Technology Development, Imo State in partnership with Motionwares & SixFactors held a workshop on Starting A Career In AI, Machine Learning And DevOps.


Starting A Digital Career  Meetup Series

An interactive session on how to start a career as a digital professional, acquire skillsets, connect with valuable clients, getting job opportunities from local and international companies and more.


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