Available Courses

All our courses requires your physical presence(Online Version Coming Soon), below is our catalogue —


Designed for success, focused on outcomes.


We teach technologies, tools and platforms that are relevant and in high demand locally and globally. We train world class digital professionals with hands on experience.

Hands on Projects

In the course of our training, we engage our participants with real life projects to help them acquire hands on experience, making them employable and ready to work.


Our trainings are designed in such a way that, participants are employable and we get them internship, full/part time, positions with our client base (remotely/in-house).

Portfolio Building

Participants get the opportunity to work on small scale projects as they learn, and progress to more complex projects. This strategy help them build portfolio as they train.

Post-Training Support

We provide mentorship support to all our participants to help them become experts and get better offers and more indept knowledge and experience.

Elancing Platform

We introduce participants to other freelancing platforms they can earn and make money from, if they choose not to work with our clients or remain our professional.

Some few things we consider necessary for your admission into our academy at the moment.


What our student's are saying


Questions anyone?
We’ve got you covered!

Yes. At the moment, our trainings are in Abuja. But we are open to training cohorts in any state in Nigeria or country in Africa as long as we get requests from such states or country
No. We currently don't have provision for Laptops for participants. We advise you get one before you register for our training
Yes. Our trainings are designed to get you job offer at the end (remotely or in-house), you can opt out or become a freelancer. Note: Job offer is depend on your understanding and mastery of what you have been taught.
Note: you can only get job offer if you understand and implement what you learn in course of training
Our training duration ranges from four (4) to thirty six (36) weeks depending on which course you are taking.
Our training fees ranges from Thirty Thousand Naira(N30,000) to a Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira(N150,000), depending on what course you are taking.
Yes. We now have weekend only class for individuals with full time Job. It hold (Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evenings by 5p.m)
For now, all our classes last two(2) hours non-stop. 9:00a.m -11a.m and 5p.m to 7p.m for weekend classes
If you are taking a course of N150,000, you pay 40% equals N60,000 before you start the course, 30% equals N45,000 end of first month and balance 30% at the end of the second month into the training.