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Next Cohort(Session) starts 27th January, 2020 and Registration closes 26th January 2020

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Our Training Structure

Our training is 95% online and the learning process involves following weekly guides, virtual Q & A sessions, group discussions and quarterly hackathons.

1st - 6th Month

First & Second Semester

Online Guide/Classes

You are to follow our weekly guides and complete each task.

Weekly Webinars

Weekly Q & A webinars to assist you with challenges you might have.

Group Discussions

Peer-to-peer group discussion sessions to foster collaboration between participants.


You're hosted physically to collaboratively design, build or execute real-life projects.

7th - 10th Month

Job Fair


At the end of your six months training, you'll get an internship position remotely or on-site.

Employment Provision

On completion of internship, we get successful participants jobs with reputable companies.


Who Can Take Our Courses?

Unemployed individuals, curious to learn employable/self sufficient skills.

Individuals who wish to change to a digital career.

Individuals who are keen to design, build, develop or market digital products and services.

Digital technology and tools enthusiasts.

Anyone that wants to learn high income skills.

Anyone that wants to start a digital career.

Available Courses

You're required to put in weekly effort in order to complete any of the courses.

9hrs/Per Week

Online Guides

1hr/Per Week

Group Discussions

2hrs/Per Week

Q & A Webinar Sessions

Web Development

₦200000 ₦45,000

Signup Course Description

This course teaches you how to build modern websites and enterprise web applications using frontend technologies and frameworks (like Bootstrap, React.js) and backend technologies ( for RESTFul or GraphQL APIs with Node.js + Express.js + MongoDB/SQL) and cloud services (GCP, AWS, MS Azure and Digital Ocean).

Mobile App Development

₦200000 ₦45,000

Signup Course Description

This course teaches you cross-platform (Android & iOS) mobile app development using JavaScript (React Native), backend technologies (RESTFul or GraphQL APIs with Node.js + Express.js and MongoDB/SQL) and cloud services (GCP, AWS, MS Azure and Digital Ocean).

Product Design

₦200000 ₦45,000

Signup Course Description

This course teaches you to better understand the fundamentals of digital design. You'll learn how to design functional digital products, product management and development processes using collaborative and web based design tools (like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch).


₦400000 ₦45,000

Signup Course Description

Understand what is devops, how it evolved and what are the key principles and practices. Build Continuous Integration pipelines with Jenkins, Git and supporting plugins for a variety of applications e.g. java, go , node. Setup monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana, Use ELK stack for log monitoring. Deploy a micro services stack by incorporating devops practices and build and deploy applications with container technologies such as Docker, ECS, Kubernetes

AI/Machine Learning

₦400000 ₦45,000

Signup Course Description

Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. This course introduces you to apply learning algorithms to building smart and intelligent systems. Master Google’s newly released TensorFlow 2.0 to build, train, test and deploy Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) models

Digital Marketing

₦200000 ₦45,000

Signup Course Description

This course teaches participants content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimizations/marketing, email marketing, design marketing graphics, pay per click advertisement, marketing automation, lead management and sales website development.

What we're offering you

Online Classes

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Weekly Webinars/Office Hours

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Job Fair

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Internship/Job Placement

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Some few things we consider necessary for your admission into our academy at the moment.


What our student's are saying


Questions anyone?
We’ve got you covered!

Yes. Our courses are 95% online and only requires 2 physical hackathon which last for just two days(weekends). If you can put in 12hours a week, at least 2 hours a day(anytime of your choice), you can take our courses.
Yes. Our courses are 95% online and only requires 2 physical hackathon which last for a maximum of 2 days (weekdend). If you can put in 12hours a week at least 2 hours anytime of the day, you can take our courses.
Yes. If your end goal is to just take our courses and not get employment on completion, you can choose to skip the 4 months internship. But if you want to get job on completion, then Internship is compulsory.
A hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others, often including domain experts, collaborate intensively on software projects.
The two hackathons will be held in Abuja, NG.
Yes. You can pay the course registration fee of N10,000 to reserve your slot and pay the balance before the start date
All payments can be made online or you can choose to pay directly into the company bank account at GT Bank branches nationwide.
Yes. We have provision for remote Internship in situations where our graduates can't relocate to their employer location.
Yes. Our courses are structured in such a way that on completion you should be able to work as an intermediate digital professional in your chosen field.
Our training ranges from N45,000 to N65,000 depending on the course chosen
All our courses assumes you have zero knowledge and we take you from zero to hero, except for our AI/Machine Learning and DevOps course that assumes you have previous knowledge in software development.
Not really. We will only require you physically twice for our physical hackathon which will be held weekends and will last for a maximum of two days, during the 6 months duration of the course.
YES. A laptop and good internet connection is the primary tool required to take our course because all weekly task is carried out with laptop and internet connection.