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Cohort 2 registration closes 6th July and classes start on 6th May 2020

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How our training is structured

Our training is 95% virtual which includes online guides, webinar sessions, group meetups, online hackathons, and 5% physical hackathon.

1st - 6th Month

First & Second Semester

Online Guide

Students follow personalized, adaptive and interactive online guides from their dashboard.

Weekly Webinars

We host webinar sessions to help students explain further and answer questions.

Group Meetups

Students are grouped to encourage teamwork, collaboration and peer-to-peer learning.


We have monthly hackathons to encourage students to work on real-life projects and get a portfolio.

7th - 10th Month

Internship Placement


Students that meet our completion criteria get an internship place to further gain hands-on experience.

Job Placement

We help students that complete their internship successfully hunt down jobs.

What our students are saying

Daniel O Adeniji

Web Development

I like the fact that there is no 100% spoonfeeding, assignments are open for creativity.

Precious Chieke

Web Development

I like the customer service, Motionwares tries to solve problems brought to them quickly.

Cyriacus N Chidozie

Product Design

I like the tutor that has been taking the product design class so far, but he shouldn’t exceed webinar ending time.

Mubaraq Ohimeyi

Product Design

I like the mode of learning and feedback from the tutors.

Ikenna Oyiih

Web Development

I like the quick response to questions and complaints.

Emmanuel I Chibuike

Web Development

I love the consistency in the learning process, but the challenge is if you can’t afford data.

Mubarak M Abdulkarim

Product Design

At first, I didn’t like the hackathon idea but now I see its importance, wallahi. I’ve learned in two days so much than I have since I started the course.

Favour A Segun

Product Design

I like the way the training is organized and the area I think needs improvement is making webinar videos available on-time

Chisara Joan

Product Design

The time for the classes is okay and suitable for the working class amongst us. The students being engaged while classes are ongoing is also very helpful. The grouping of students to do projects is also a plus.

Courses Available

You're required to put in weekly effort in order to complete any of the courses.

2hrs/Per Day

Online Guides

2hrs/Per Week

Group Meetups

3hrs/Per Week

Webinar Sessions

Web Development

We teach our students how to build basic websites from scratch to designing and developing an enterprise web-based application with React.js, Node.js APIs, MongoDB/SQL and, deploying to cloud services like AWS, GCP, and MS Azure.

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Product Design (UI/UX)

Students learn the fundamentals of digital design, designing functional digital products, product management, user-driven interfaces and experience, design and development processes using collaborative design tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch.

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Mobile App Development

We teach cross-platform mobile application(iOS and Android) development using React Native, Node.js APIs, MongoDB/SQL and, deployment to cloud services like AWS, GCP, and MS Azure.

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Digital Marketing

Students learn content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimizations/marketing, email marketing, design marketing graphics, marketing automation, lead management, and sales website design.

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AI/Machine Learning

We teach students the fundamentals of Machine learning, apply algorithms to build smart and intelligent systems using Google’s TensorFlow 2.0 to build, train, test and deploy Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and models.

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Who can take our courses?

Unemployed individuals, curious to learn employable/self sufficient skills.

Individuals who wish to change to a digital career.

Individuals who are keen to design, build, develop or market digital products and services.

Digital technology and tools enthusiasts.

Anyone that wants to learn high income skills.

Anyone that wants to start a digital career.